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Yi Wenqiang



Native Shaoyang, Hunan Province.

1995 Graduated from Zhengzhou Grain College (now Henan University of Technology), majoring in grain engineering.

From 1995 to 2000, he worked in Guilin Flour Factory, Guangxi Province, and successively served as technologist, Vice minister and minister of production Technology Department.

2000-2012 Director of Design Department of Zhengzhou Zhixin Industrial Co., LTD.

Since 2012, I have been working in Zhengzhou Jiuyi Grain Engineering Co., LTD. Mainly engaged in the technical research and application of processing technology that can combine the quality characteristics of raw grains and adapt to the requirements of flour market, and strive to learn the essence of grain processing technology at home and abroad, based on the forefront of the industry technology field. The use of special technical means, truly according to the quality differences of wheat components processing, the production of end customers recognized, easy to use products.

Some companies I have served since I engaged in design work:

Hebei Hualong Group, Wudeli Group, Henan Yongcheng Changyuan, Dengzhou Ice clean flour, Shandong Dezhou Xinda, Binzhou Taiyu flour, Jiangsu Yinhe Flying industry, Yangzhou Mingjia flour, Anhui Wanwang Group, Mengcheng Xueyuan flour, Guangdong Jinhe flour, Yihai (Dongguan) flour, Nanshun (Shekou) flour, Hunan Tianman Valley Industry, Changde Jinjian Rice Industry, Guangxi Wufeng Grain Group, Guilin Moon Guangxi flour, Fujian Xianyou flour, Fuzhou Flour Company, Shaanxi Yahong flour, Xi 'an Dongbai flour, Xinjiang North Xinjiang flour, Gansu Jiuquan Spark and so on.

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