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Liu Ruiqing



Born in 1971, native place: Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia

In 1995, he graduated from Zhengzhou Grain University majoring in grain engineering.

1995-2001 Production Department of Nanshun Flour Company, Shekou, Shenzhen.

2001-2002 Shenzhen Haichuan Company, engaged in flour improver research.

From 2002 to 2014, we provided technical consulting services for various flour mills, food factories and flour distributors.

2014-present Zhengzhou Jiuyi Grain Engineering Co., LTD.

I have been focusing on the following aspects of flour processing technology to study the impact of product quality.

1. Adjust the flour production process according to the change of enzyme activity during wheat growth.

Second, according to the cooking characteristics of the endosperm of each part of wheat, develop products.

The controlled use of active ingredients in wheat.

Fourth, reduce the ash content of flour and control the color of dough through the flour making process.

V. Complementary advantages between resources.

Currently serving manufacturers:

Liaocheng Jiuxin flour company

Xinxian Tianci grain margin flour company

Chiping Huatong flour Company

Guanxian Xinrui Group

Taiqian Xiangrong flour company

Henan Shenren help flour company

Zibo pear flour company

Qingdao Laijie flour company

Qingdao Lujie flour company

Baotou Ruifeng flour company

Baotou horse staple food kitchen, Jinlin food factory, Shenyang auspicious wonton and some other noodle enterprises.

A distributor of fresh-cut flour in the northeast and northwest.



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